Who We Are

RATASI (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Trades Association - South India) is one of the oldest associations formed to represent the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry in the region. Formed in the year 1952, The association has successfully brought together a majority of the stake holders in the industry to achieve a common goal that is to improve trade and relations.

The Indian business environment is synonymous with the term competition and we take pride in the unity and friendly relations among our members even in these tough situations. We truly consider each of the 120+ members as vital part of the RATASI family. The interest and enthusiasm shown by members at the events and activities is truly remarkable. RATASI has thrived on the support of its members over all these years.

With technology upgrading at a blinding pace and an ever changing trade environment, it is now more important than ever to share knowledge and information among our members. We are at the pinnacle of activity at RATASI and we are focussed on using our years of experience and strengths as leverage to bring tangible benefits to our esteemed members.

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